Chev Bow Tie Club

The Chev Bowtie Club was formed in 1994. We are incorporated but remain a very social club. We have currently 20+ members and are committed to encouraging friendship within the members and other enthusiasts throughout Australia.

The Chev Bowtie Club has a strong connection to the annual SummerNats event here in Canberra, and for the past 15 years have been running the premier driving events on the Burn Out track.

Club Meetings

Club meetings are held every 3rd Monday at the Tradies Club in Dickson. We normally meet between 7 and 7:30 for dinner and then the social club meeting comes thereafter. If you would like to come and meet us and potentially join the club, please feel free to come along. If your not a member of the Tradies you can page any of the members below to sign you in!

Save on Your Car Insurance

Top Ways to Save on Your Car Insurance

As someone who is budget-conscious, you might always be looking for ways to save on your bills. For example, you might have decided to cut out cable, and you might have shopped around for the best possible interest rates when buying your home or your car. One thing that you might be unsure about in regards to saving money, however, is when purchasing car insurance. These are a few ways that you might be able to save money on your automobile insurance policy.

Get Quotes

If you are in the market for a new car insurance policy, it is definitely a good idea for you to run quotes with a few different companies. Even if you already have car insurance, you may want to run a few quotes periodically, such as before you renew your policy with your existing insurance company, to make sure that there are no better deals out there. When getting your quotes, make sure that you take the time to fill out the quote forms accurately and thoroughly; otherwise, the quotes could be inaccurate, and you could get a nasty surprise later on. Youi car insurance NZ

Consider Adjusting Your Coverage

If you have not thought about ways of adjusting your coverage, you might want to think about doing so. Something as simple as raising the deductible on your car insurance policy can save you a significant amount of money. You can also reduce unnecessary coverage or remove extras that you do not really need, such as rental car coverage when you already have an extra vehicle that you could use if you needed it.

Car Insurance

Take a Defensive Driving Class

Even though you might have been driving for years, you could still benefit from taking a defensive driving course as a refresher. Plus, along with helping you sharpen your skills, this can also help you qualify for cheaper car insurance rates as well.

Ask for Discounts

Call your car insurance company and ask if there are any discounts that you might qualify for. You might find that a simple discount can help you save more than you think.

As you can see, there are a few different things that you can do if you are a budget-minded person who would like to save money on your car insurance. In fact, you might be shocked by just how much you can save on your policy by doing so.

Do I Need Landlord Insurance?

Do I Need Landlord Insurance Or Homeowner’s Insurance?

One of the most common questions that property owners have is whether their homeowner’s insurance will cover damages or if they will need landlord insurance. The answer to this question depends on a few factors. Let’s take a look at these below to help you better decide which insurance policy will meet your coverage needs.

Are You Living In The Home?

One major concern when it comes to homeowner’s insurance is whether you live in the home or not. If you are not living at the property and plan on renting it out, then you will need a Youi Landlord Insurance policy.

How Long Is The Rental Agreement For?

The amount of time a rental agreement is for can determine the type of insurance you need for the property. If you live in your home and occasionally rent it out on the weekends, then a homeowner’s insurance policy will likely cover your needs. In the event that you rent out your property on an ongoing basis, a landlord insurance policy is going to be necessary.

It’s best to talk to your homeowner’s insurance provider to see their coverage limits. Your agent should be able to answer all your questions about potential coverages in the event that an incident occurs.

Coverage Differences Between Policies

Although landlord and homeowner’s insurance policies cover the structure of the property in the event of damage, that is where the similarities stop. Landlord insurance covers both personal property and liability lawsuits. Let’s take a closer look at each of these coverage areas below.

Personal Property Coverage – When you have personal property at the home you are renting out, the insurance provider will pay to reimburse these items in the event that damage occurs. Realize that property items are restricted to those that are actually used to service the rental property.

Liability Coverage – Landlord insurance covers any injuries that happen to tenants or visitors to the property in events where you are found liable. This coverage includes paying for medical expenses, funeral costs, legal fees, and loss of income. Homeowner’s liability insurance only covers injuries that happen to you and your family members who live in the home.

What They Won’t Cover?

Both landlord and homeowner’s insurance will not cover the possessions of tenants renting the property. These personal items are only protected under a renters insurance policy. This type of insurance can be required by the property owner for the tenant to maintain while they are letting the property.

As you can see, there are many differences between homeowners and landlord insurance. As a general rule of thumb, if you don’t live at the property you should be opting for landlord insurance. If you live at the property, typically homeowner’s insurance will work, however, you should verify this with your homeowner’s insurance provider to be completely sure. Either way, having insurance on your property is a necessity to protect you against major financial loss in the future.

landlord insurance

What Is Car Insurance?

What Is Car Insurance? A Detailed Insight.

Motor insurance is a compulsory requirement that countries impose on car owners so as to provide security to them in the case of any accident. In a contract of car insurance, there are two parties involved, the insurer and the insured. The insured is required to pay a premium so as to bind the insurer to pay for any destructions suffered. However, in a third-party insurance policy, another party covered in the contract is the third party. He is compensated by the insurance in case the insured causes an accident against him but not for the loss suffered by the owner’s car. For a comprehensive car insurance cover, the owner can be compensated for damages he has suffered plus any damage he has caused to a third-party. Apart from the mandatory third-party cover, one can also opt to add other optional covers which include bodily injury liability, medical expenses and so forth.
Considering the number of cars on the roads, there is obviously a degree of risk involved. Consequently, motorists are aware of the importance of paying up premiums. There are several Youi Car Insurance companies with different terms and conditions, and therefore motorists have to look around for the best policies that favour their circumstances.
Premium is a key factor that varies from one insurance company to another and for that reason, motorists should make comparisons as the difference can prove to be a huge and that would save them financially. To save more, some of them often offer discounts on premiums, and that can save more. Apart from the sum to be paid, one has to find out matters concerning the long-term profitability and strength of the insurance. As insurance contracts are in most cases not taken for periods not less than six months, they are categorised under long-term agreements and therefore its reliability is an important aspect to be considered.
car insurance
There are several methods that motorists can use for comparison of car insurance covers. Previously, the directory was the common way of searching for insurance companies and thereby looking out for differences. This, however, proved a lengthy and hectic process. The car owners also talk directly to the insurance attendants to acquire information on the policies. Insurance brokers and agents to the insurance companies are also an option to source information. Currently, a simpler way of finding the different terms and conditions of the insurance companies is the internet. Various car insurance companies have online tools that contain the information.
In most cases, the car owners are supposed to fill forms concerning his car model, make, year of manufacture, and the size of the car. Once submitted, the car insurance company provides feedback on the amount of premium that is supposed to be paid.
Some of the insurance companies would request for the driver’s history regarding his past driving record. The purpose of this is to provide subsidies to drivers that have been involved in less costly mistakes. The car insurance company expects an honest response from the insured and in the case of false answers, one can face penalties or no compensation in the event of an accident.